Rendezvous Jewelbox Theater
Jewelbox Theater, The Grotto, Red Velvet Lounge
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"Easily the city's best kissing booths"
"RENDEZVOUS in Belltown: These are easily the city's best kissing booths—four private half circles with backs that extend a foot higher than your head, upholstered in pillowy faux leather. The vibe at Rendezvous is outdated classy; picture your grandmother in a flapper dress. The booths are dark and deep, with peekaboo views of dusty chandeliers, patterned red wallpaper, and orange velvet drapes. The lighting makes every date look one-third more attractive than real life, and the booths are perfect for people with long legs. You can squeeze six people in, easy, but hot damn, they're still remarkably cozy with only two. This is a spot worth lingering in and getting your tongue on. (2322 Second Ave, 441-5823) " CIENNA MADRID - THE STRANGER

"A red-velvet-accented dining room turns out hearty hot plates like mac 'n' cheese ($8.50), the bar is comfortable, the pours are generous, and the tiny Jewel Box bustles weekly with entertainment from movies to live rock shows, cabaret, and performance art." AJA PECKNOLD- SEATTLE WEEKLY

"This wee little venue feels exactly like its name. I can't imagine NOT having a memorable, relaxed, intimate and highly musical experience both playing and listening to music in that cute, funky atmosphere! I would play there any time - night or day!" CHRIS BALLEW, Presidents of the United States of America and Caspar Babypants

"The Jewel Box Theatre is the only venue in belltown with a truly intimate environment. The intimacy of this club lends to a unique performer and participant energy that is highly enjoyable. I hope to play there again soon." SAM ANDERSON, Hey Merseilles!