Rendezvous Jewelbox Theater
Jewelbox Theater, The Grotto, Red Velvet Lounge
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Specialty Drinks


$9 fellini's Manhattan

Maker's with sweet amaro, a dash

of bitters and a cherry.

$9 Absinthe Fizz

Absente Absinthe and Champagne

$9 St. Germaine Martini

St. Germaine Elderflower Liqueur and

206 Vodka with a twist of orange.

$9 Aunt Harriet Martini

Dirty Martini w/ house infused Cucumber

Vodka and pearl onion.

$9 Limoncello Mello Martini

Limoncello,Citrus Vodka,w/a float of

 Champagne & twist of Lemon,

 served with a sugar rim.

$9 Gunstreet Girl Martini

Hendrick's Gin w/sweetened, muddled

Cucumber, served with a sugar rim.

$9 Man Fashion  or old hat

Rendezvous Rye muddled with orange slices,

maraschino cherries and sweet vermouth.

$8 Mr. Belltown

Jim Beam with sweetened muddled

Ginger, lemon & soda on the rocks

$8 Chocolate Russian

Godiva Chocolate Liqueur &  Monopolowa

Vodka served on ice w/a float of cream.

$8 Aztec Chocolate martini

Spicy Chocolate drink with Mud Puddle, Hot

 Monkey, Vanilla Stoli and a splash of Godiva.

$8 Dark & Stormy

Gosling's Dark Rum, Reed's premium

 ginger beer and a slice of lime.

$8 Yazi Toddy

Ginger Vodka served hot with lemon,

honey and clove

$8 hot mint julep

Bulleit bourbon with honey, lemon

syrup, hot water and a sprig of mint.

$8 Café Gringo

Patron Café Liqueur, El Relingo tequila,

Coffee and cream.

$8 Caribbean  Coffee                 

Malibu Rum, Bailey's and coffee.

$8 "EL Jefe"Apple Jack Cocktail

Calvados Apple Brandy and apple cider with a

splash of fresh orange juice and tonic. 

$6 Bees Knees

Gin and soda with lemon-honey syrup.

$6 Gin Rickey

Gin, fresh lime juice and soda.

$7 Pink Slip

Champagne and cranberry juice

with a splash of Gran Marnier.

$7 Whiskey Fizz

Powers whiskey, fresh lemon and sprite.

$7 French 75

Champagne, gin, sugar and lemon.

$7 Cucumber Cooler

House infused cucumber Vodka, sugar

and soda on ice.

$7 Hot Mary

Vodka with a splash of Hot Monkey, tomato

 juice & spice with picked beans & olives.

$7 Speakeasy

New Deal vodka, fresh grapefruit juice

and a float of Campari.

$7 Sister Sue's Ovaltine

Hot Ovaltine with Mud Puddle Chocolate

Vodka, Godiva liqueur and Goldschlager.


Punches, Shots and Liqueurs

$7 Dickens Rum Punch

Sailor Jerry Rum with lemons, honey and water,

served at room temperature with a lemon slice.

$7 Ginger not Mary

Yazi Ginger vodka and fresh orange juice.

$7 Amaro di Ascea

Amaro on ice with a twist of lemon.

$7 Vacation

A tasty shot of Malibu and Captain Morgan's

Rum with a little pineapple and cranberry juice.

$7 Washington St. Apple

Royal Crown and Apple Pucker with a splash of

cranberry, in a shot glass.


For the non- drinker

$4 Lime Rickey

Fresh lime juice, simple syrup, soda and

bitters on ice with a twist.

$3 Cranberry Cooler

Cranberry juice and soda with wedges

of lemon and lime – served in a pint.

$4 The Jamaican

Reed's Ginger Beer, a splash

of pineapple with slices of orange and lime.